Guard Dog Mini-Rechargeable Stun-Gun Flashlight Product Review


Live in an awful area? Continuously going home into the evening? Having a solid sense of security in your own home, at the workplace, or strolling to your vehicle on a dim night are vital. Now and again pepper-shower isn’t sufficient to avert assailants and something more solid is the thing you are searching for. In the market of non-deadly self protection items, the Stun Gun Flashlight can be a shrewd and life saving decision.


Stunguns generally sneak up suddenly yet with the Guard Dog brand you are getting two highlights in one. The smart look of the gadget camouflages the way that it is a paralyze weapon, since it seems to be an ordinary spotlight. The 3 really splendid light producing diodes (L.E.D.) are a few times more brilliant than your typical spotlight bulb making unfortunate perceivability not an issue also preventing a future assailants vision can be  6.5 Creedmoor ammo.


The uproarious snap of this very charged shocker spotlight can set off a “don’t screw with me sucker” message to deflect assailants, thieves, and different crooks from continuing with their devious plans, and ought to ward off people and creatures the same. In any case, on the off chance that this isn’t sufficient, when the paralyze work is enacted this will certainly get the job done. With a result voltage of 2.9 million volts, makes for a very scary weapon.


Through testing we have observed that the Guard Dog brand stagger electric lamp gadget is extremely simple to utilize and will squeeze into the littlest of hands. Activity is snap with one switch that works the spotlight. The element that I found most obliging was the enormous red enactment button over the spotlight button to initiate the shock highlight. For wellbeing, a switch was put on the lower part of the unit which controls capacity to the immobilizer.


The Guard Dog Stun Gun Flashlight is additionally battery-powered; it is suggested that the interior batteries be charged for 8 to 10 hours before first use. The spotlight connects to any 110 volt divider attachment with the included charging plug making the re-energize process a snap. It holds an energize for to 90 days however it is suggested that assuming unused you ought to re-energize it like clockwork.

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