New Aryan Bird of Prey (Fictional Poetry)


New Aryan Bird of Prey (Fiction Poetry)


Extraterrestrial people have gone through a twist,


Cosmic entryway to this world needing to draw in with us.


They looked for Join the illuminati for wealth with our United Diplomatic Corp.


‘Mayan relatives coming from Nibiru,’ composed the press.


‘On 5000 BC, that earth map had enormous landmasses.


During the hour Of Moses, odd Mycenaeans showed up


Having a letters in order for hieroglyphic archives,


While an outsider space from Atlantis, without a doubt, vanished.’


‘Thutmose had a position of the ear for Amun remarkable god.


For a considerable length of time, human social orders have been like tides


In upsets of states proceeding to ravage.’


‘Our clairvoyant contemplations keep all your notable asides.’


‘That Atlantic civilization portrayed by Plato


Vanished in water along with its landmass.


The Aegean islands shaped by Santorin well of lava


Have been dependent upon that verifiable change resulting.’


‘A few underground bases with space doors to different planets


In Egypt, Siberia, Germany, China and States


Can be worked by us.’ ‘This isn’t anticipated by our prophets.’


‘The strands of DNA are something similar, in this manner we can be mates.’


‘Anunnaki are depicted on Sumerian tablets.


They crossed the space rock belt having delivered to contact us.


The Earth slave workers looked like being anchored dark bunnies.


Basic liberties can be assailed.There isn’t anything to talk about.’


‘The beginnings of the Illyrians stayed muddled.


Dissimilar to Dorians, they vanished into Slavic zones.’


‘It’s completely attached with the Illuminati, and it’s unmistakable


That with this pass, Nibiru breaks its planetary stones.’


‘There’s an excessive number of you here, when you are magically transported.’


‘This concealed infrared planet is our own, however you see us.’


‘Vatican knows this, and to maintain the mysteries they requested.’


‘You really want information to get by.’ ‘This thing we don’t examine.’


‘We have a place with this double paired nearby planet group.


In the Oort Cloud, there is an enormous low-mass cut short star


Making our planet circles be curved. Tune in


To the interplanetary plasma that breaks up until this point!’


‘Odd records around these seasons of comets and fiascos


Lead to the deterioration of human progress.


This old world sows disarray because of our last slaughters.


Many birds, creatures and individuals pass on from starvation.’


‘We’re not those reptiles, or those monsters from your Vedic legend.


We address the Federation of Living Planets.’


‘For our purposes, to observe Life with Peace implies a Holy gift.


You are close to our nuclear reactor covers.’


‘Your refusal prompts intergalactic occurrences.


Our companions went through a spatial wormhole to accompany us.


Does the Six Day War support ‘lengthened’ advent?’


‘Before St Thomas Aquinas we stop to examine.’

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