7 Reason people enjoy rain

If you love the rain, then it’s likely that at some point in your life a storm has left behind hours’ worth of moisture to dry out. Despite being wet and cold for most people who experience bad weather conditions such as this can be miserable! You may have even found yourself binging on Netflix or reading all day instead just because there were so many things promising more entertainment than reality might deliver during these dreary days. But what if I told how much joy one person could find from simply getting their wish granted? A new study suggests those with an affinity towards rainy days should consider themselves part of something called “pluviophiles” pluviophile (noun) – One who loves Rain Sounds


In case you’re a pluviophile, in addition to the fact that you are blissful when it rains, the odds are you’re a lovelier individual the remainder of the time too. The following are seven motivations behind why individuals who partake in the downpour are more joyful throughout everyday life:


  1. Your mood is improved if you’re a pluviophile, and not just during the rainy days – being surrounded by rain brings out your appreciation for life’s simpler luxuries too!
  2. Rain in itself can make people happy because they feel closer to nature which has always been one of humanity’s most important features throughout history10-,7., 5 People with an active lifestyle tend to enjoy going outdoors more than those living sedentary lifestyle
  3. One of the best parts about rainy days are how they make you feel. They fill your heart with joy and happiness, as if all is right in this world again – even when there’s nothing but an overcast sky above us! People who love rain will tell anyone what their favorite part was: from feeling alive at every drop that pitter-pattered down on our window panes or watching water droplets transform into intricate designs while hanging out by a pool; we can’t get enough (and neither should everyone else).
  4. Rainy days are aIways a great time to appreciate what is happening in your life. Rain brings out the best of both worlds: joy and happiness with an overcast sky above us, making everything seem right again even when nothing else goes according too plan
  5. It doesn’t matter how old you get – if there’s rainy weather then all bets could be off for this person because they love rain! There’s no better feeling than being outside during these conditions; hearing pitter-patters on windows from drops that come down at unpredictable moments while watching water droplets become intricate designs
  6. Pluviophiles understand that it takes a little rain to make the flowers grow. When things get rough in life, these are people who will remind you about “this too shall pass.” In fact, they know challenges are necessary for seizing better opportunities and there’s no rainbow without also having some clouds!
  7. As someone who lives in a rainforest, I know that it takes just one small raindrop to make the flowers grow. Sometimes life gets rough and we need people like you- those with an understanding of how important challenges are for seizing opportunities as well as making sure everything doesn’t end up soggy ruins! But don’t forget: every time there’s been some sort of tough situation recently (or any other day), all these bad things will eventually pass by themselves because mother nature has her ways Afterall…and sometimes they even give us something pretty nice too 🙂

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