A Divine Approach to Fundraising: Small Church Style



Small churches hold a special place in their communities, offering a sense of belonging and spiritual guidance to their congregants. However, sustaining these places of worship often requires creative fundraising efforts that reflect the unique character of small churches. In this article, we will explore a divine approach to fundraising, tailored for small churches.

  1. Prayer Partner Program

Small churches can harness the power of prayer to fuel their fundraising efforts. Establish a “Prayer Partner Program” where church members volunteer to pray for specific needs within the congregation and the community. People can make donations to request prayers or participate as prayer partners. This initiative not only raises funds but also strengthens the spiritual bonds among church members.

  1. Faith-Based Walkathon

Organize a “Faith-Based Walkathon” where church members and the community at large can participate. Participants can collect pledges for each mile walked, and all proceeds go toward church expenses or a specific project. This event promotes physical activity, community engagement, and a shared sense of purpose.

  1. Scripture and Hymn Night

Host a “Scripture and Hymn Night” where church members come together to share their favorite scriptures and hymns. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with candlelight and acoustic music. Encourage attendees to make a donation in exchange for the opportunity to share their cherished verses or sing their favorite hymns. This event not only fosters a sense of spirituality but also raises funds through the power of shared faith.

  1. Blessings Auction

Organize a “Blessings Auction” where church members offer their time, skills, or talents to the highest bidder. Services such as home-cooked meals, gardening, babysitting, or even music lessons can be auctioned off. The funds raised support church activities, and this event promotes a spirit of giving within the congregation.

  1. Faith in Art Showcase

Celebrate the artistic talents within your small church by hosting a “Faith in Art Showcase.” Encourage members to share their artwork, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, poetry, or crafts, inspired by their faith. Charge an admission fee for attendees to explore the exhibit. This fundraiser not only highlights the creativity of your congregation but also fosters a deeper connection to spirituality.

  1. Gratitude Garden

Create a “Gratitude Garden” where church members and the community can purchase bricks or stones to inscribe with messages of gratitude, blessings, or remembrance. These can be placed in a dedicated area on church grounds. The donations from these purchases go toward church needs, while the garden becomes a place for reflection and spiritual connection.


small church fundraiser ideas have a unique and intimate relationship with their congregations and communities. When it comes to fundraising, this close-knit bond can be a powerful asset. By infusing your fundraising efforts with a divine approach that reflects the spiritual values and connections within your small church, you not only raise the necessary funds but also deepen the sense of community and spirituality among your members and neighbors. These ideas demonstrate that fundraising can be an opportunity to strengthen faith, foster connections, and celebrate the unique character of small churches.


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