A Journey To The Palace Hotels Of India

 A Journey To The Palace Hotels Of India


When I started on a five month long tour to India, I had no idea what was in store for me. I was not even sure why I planned on a tour to India. May be I was just too fascinated by the lifestyles of the Indian Maharaja’s and wanted to see and experience for myself their lives and their palaces. My interest in Indian palaces and forts developed by reading palace303  books like ‘India Style’ by ‘Monisha Bharadwaj’, ‘The Indian Princes and their States’ by ‘Barbara N. Ramusack’, ‘The Indian Subcontinent’ by ‘Alison Arnold’ and ‘Indian temples and palaces’ by Michael Edwardes.

The palaces of the Indian Maharajas

India is a mystic land and has so many things that a traveler can discover. Almost every western traveler is sure to get a culture shock on visiting India; so it is recommended to do some travel reading before embarking on the tour.

History of India is rich and tells us of many brave kings and queens who lived and died for their kingdoms. These kings used to rule over vast kingdoms and lived extraordinarily lavish lives in their exotic and divine forts and palaces. With the passage of time most of these palaces were destroyed by invading troops; the remnants are today converted into hotels by the government of India and some others by private organizations.

Exotic Indian palaces that are converted to hotels

One of my major objectives of visiting India was to stay in one of the many palace hotels and experience the life of the maharajas (kings). I have discussed below some hotels in which I stayed and those that I cherish the most.

The Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysore

My trip to Mysore was to reflect on my travel itinerary that needed that I visit those places that had a rich heritage and culture. The most famous palace hotel in Mysore is the ‘Lalitha Mahal Palace’. This palace was built way back in 1921 by a king named ‘Wodeyar Krishna’ and was designed by ‘E W Fritchley’ who was a famous English architect.

Today this palace is maintained by the India Tourism Development Corporation and they have done a good job with it. The outside looks show white where as the interiors are almost as good as new. All rooms of this palace over look the beautiful Chamundi hills and give the visitor a breathtaking view of Mysore city.

The palace offers all facilities that one can expect from a five star hotel that include swimming pools, golf grounds, health club, lounges and a shopping arcade.

Fern Hill Palace in Ooty



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