All About Actors

 All About Actors


Actors, or actresses for the women, are those individuals who perform varying roles in different settings including radio, movies, television shows or theatre. It is rooted from the old Greek word hypokrites, which literally means one who interprets. In this sense, actors interpret distinct characters or personalities through speech, body language and movement under the management of a director.

The term “actor” is used to refer to both men and women, until the word actress was assumed to be formed independently in England. The first recorded acting performance happened in 534 BC at the Theatre Dionysus where the Greek actor, Thespis, acted on stage and became the first recognized individual to play a part a character through speech. However, stories were known to be told through singing and dancing and in third person narrative before the Thespis performance eventually happened. Actors were later called Thespians in recognition of the Greek actor.

During the ancient times, actors were conventionally those who belong to the lower class of the society. Furthermore, in the Early Middle Ages, the public actually perceived acting groups who go on travel with suspicion. In actuality, actors were even deprived of a Christian burial, and traditional beliefs in several European regions. However, this unenthusiastic impression towards the role players lasted until the 19th and 20th centuries when acting became a respectable and well-known profession and form of art.

In this day and age, many famous actors and actresses succeed in the entertainment industry in distinct regions of the planet. Their faces dominate the towering billboards for their product endorsements. Due to their fame, their yearly salary can in fact get through those of other professionals such as medicinal doctors, politicians and businessmen.

Among the distinguished male movie actors of the century are Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Daniel Radcliffe. Born in Oklahoma, Brad Pitt is considered as one of the sexiest men in film history. Well-recognized for his mysterious role in Meet Joe Black, the actor is the real life other half of Angelina Jolie, an award-winning actress also known to be the sexiest woman alive. The pair became the ambassadors of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) since early 2001.



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