Female Nudity and Morality

Female Nudity and Morality


I am a family man with an 8-month old daughter yet I am not afraid to tell you that nudity still allures me. Let me clarify what I am trying to say. When I look at a nude female child or a nude old-aged woman, I don’t https://www.nuditycollection.com/  feel the sexual arousal within me. If I look at any nude female at a growing age, my mind might get diverted as I am a human being.

Let me compare the reaction modes to see my wife being nude with that of a celebrity:

If I look at my wife and act on my impulses, nothing will happen as I have already got the social and legal license to consider her as my better half. If I look at somebody else in a nude mode and convey my interest, then I’ll be convicted socially, legally and morally. In fact, I personally believe that in both the cases, if I express my lust – it is unacceptable and if I express my adoration to nudity as a higher form of art, it might be acceptable. It depends on my attitude towards women – whether I respect them in the spiritual sense. If I do that I can respect my wife and others in the same way.

In the art forms in the human history, nudity has always been adored as a beauty but criticized as a source of arousal to sensual pleasure.

Pornographic and Semi-pornographic movies

We tend to criticize every bold move of a woman as we still consider them dominated at this patriarch society. If I or any male character appears nude, there will be almost no chance of criticism. If a woman appears nude in a movie or in an advertisement, there will be a social volcanic eruption.


We are in an era where there is a congestion of pornographic movies; semi-pornographic movies all around the box offices. We as cynics, raise our eyebrows against them as they are prone to bring moral degradation in our social system.


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