Gaia: The Mother Of All Aliens

Gaia: The Mother Of All Aliens



The abiogenetic and sexual conceptive natural abilities of the old Greek Mother Goddess Gaia is incomprehensible as related. Her regenerative abilities are much the same as a human female conceiving an offspring not exclusively to people however to a wide range of different creatures and surprisingly various monsters. No author of folklore as fiction even in those days would make such a principal mistake assuming he North Gaia needed his fiction to be tenable. Also, that is only the point – it wasn’t composed to be perused as fiction. The antiquated Greeks didn’t decipher Mother Goddess Gaia and her posterity as pretend. What did they realize that we don’t today? What’s the other option? Outsiders – a distortion of what was really extraterrestrial movement. A definitive stories behind Mother Goddess Gaia’s regenerative capacities revolve around two opponent partnerships of different extraterrestrial races doing combating over Planet Earth, or possibly their distributed piece of it – Italy, Greece and the islands of the Aegean Sea.


In the first place there was Chaos as per antiquated Greek folklore. Mayhem was neither a god nor a character, simply a sweeping dead emptiness, inert matter with no distinctive elements which is as great a perspective on the universe as any by the people of yore. Confusion may very well too have been their shorthand for clarifying life, the universe and everything; the production of life, the universe and everything, and most likely was.


Confusion brought about Planet Earth, among other infinite ascribes, similar to dimness and energy. Planet Earth was known as Gaia (or Gaea). Gaia as Planet Earth is clearly an actual item, a characteristic making of the universe. Notwithstanding, Gaia (Terra in the Roman pantheon) was additionally viewed as the girl of Chaos, a mother goddess. We want to isolate the two ideas (Gaia as Earth (the planet) and Gaia the Mother Goddess). Confusion as an undefined void would need to by means of normal actual cycles structure freely Planet Earth first before the appearance of the Mother Goddess that would address Planet Earth, Tellus or Terra, elective names by which Planet Earth is known.


On the organic rather than the planetary side of things, Mother Goddess Gaia (addressing the Earth, or of the Earth) had kin called Nyx (which addressed evening), and Erebos (addressing underground dimness). Later on down the track Chaos framed different kin as Eros (addressing want/energy) and Tartarus (the hidden world).


Agamically, Mother Goddess Gaia brought about her two children Uranus (Ouranos) and Pontus and the ten Ourea (Aitna, Athos, Helikon, Kithairon, Nysos, Olympus 1, Olympus 2, Oreios, Parnes, and Tmolus). Agamic proliferation is multiplication without advantage of an accomplice, ordinarily named parthenogenesis.


Mother Goddess Gaia does anyway eventually take a spouse and physically mate – with her child Uranus (addressing the sky or of the sky). From that association comes:


*The three senior and unique Cyclopes: monsters with one eye: Brontes, Steropes, and Arges.


*The unique original six male Titans (Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetus, and Cronus) and the first original six female Titanesses (Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, and Tethys): all human looking. [Now the first Titans then, at that point, did their ‘be productive and duplicate thing’ and produce the second era of Titans, making Mother Goddess Gaia a grandma. These second era Titans included Atlas and Prometheus – on the off chance that you were contemplating whether I had forgotten these significant figures.]


*The three Hecatonchires: monsters with 100 arms and hands and fifty heads each: Cottus, Briareus and Gyges.


Mother Goddess Gaia’s child and hubby, Uranus, then, at that point, met an awkward destiny on account of his child Cronus when the last option maimed the previous!


Mother Goddess Gaia then, at that point, through a not-really perfect origination, being splattered with blood from the cut off genitales of her child/spouse Uranus, imagined:


*The three Furies (Erinyes): Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone however their real number perhaps anyway endless. The Furies were winged witches with snakes interweaved in their hair.

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