Give Your Game A Bump With Quality Tiberius Paintball Guns

 Give Your Game A Bump With Quality Tiberius Paintball Guns


If you love paintball, you know its way more than just a game. It is a sport – and one that requires strategy, cunning, and agility. Whether you are playing solo or as part of  .38 special ammo  a team, you’ll need more than just a few solid physical attributes along with some good luck to excel – and to win. You’ll need a quality marker, or a paintball gun. Your marker is your best friend on the paintball field; and you’ll want to ensure your gun is ready for combat when you are – and doesn’t fail you.

Among the best paintball markers in the industry today are Tiberius paintball guns. These are quality American made paintball markers. Unrivaled for accuracy and durability, you’ll find Tiberius markers a great addition to your arsenal.

Available in both pistol and rifle formats, Tiberius paintball guns are high quality, durable, and accurate. Simply put, these guns will hold up well on the paintball field, indoors and out. You can rely on these guns to hold up well under pressure and never fail you.

The Tiberius Arms T8.1 is an awesome choice for power and accuracy. You just cannot go wrong with this quality gun. This marker alone can help you take your paintball warfare to an all new level.

* Highly accurate; provides unrivaled accuracy on the field – just what you’re looking for
* Fully adjustable velocity provides for maximum shooting flexibility
* Compact design does not adversely impact game play or maneuverability
* Magazine fed with a robust internal magazine
* Features a genuine gun action and feel, with the magazine feeding directly into the gun handle




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