Gourmet Burgers Of New York: They Are Here To Stay For Years To Come

Gourmet Burgers Of New York: They Are Here To Stay For Years To Come



Burgers are universal. They’re beloved by people of all nations and rise to the level of gourmet art  Burgers  in New York City. The burgers of New York aren’t just your typical fast-food, short-order cook quick bites. No, New York burgers are real meals.

Over the last few years, New York City has embraced and championed the gourmet burger trend. Far from the average fast food burgers, gourmet burgers stand apart due to their high-quality meat and their fresh, exotic toppings and fillings.

These burgers have been in vogue for over a decade now, and according to an article published in QSR magazine, gourmet burgers were first introduced by French chef Daniel Boulud, in the form of a DB burger, which featured sirloin stuffed with braised short rib and foie Gras on a Parmesan bun.

With the introduction of the DB burger came an increased demand for gourmet burgers all over New York.

In a world where hype dies out after a few years, gourmet burgers persist in New York City. In fact, a recent study conducted by Technomic (a research firm) concluded that more and more people want locally raised, grass fed, organic, and hormone and antibiotic free meat in their burgers. The increased inclination towards these healthier choices of meat in burgers is evident as in the last two years the number of people preferring locally-raied meat in their burgers has grown by 4%.

In addition, the study also revealed that people are willingly paying more for burgers labeled as “premium.”Since these premium burgers contain higher quality meat, customers are open to the idea of spending a few extra dollars to give their body the right nutrition.


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