How Jeeter Became America’s Best-Selling Preroll Brand

Two million Jeeters are smoked in a month in California. The brand   fact, that it’s the only cannabis preroll brand that has become its own name. People don’t call these “prerolls”—they call jeeter juice live resin  them “Jeeters. “

Jeeter is run by a close-knit crew of friends who have been working together for 15 years. “It’s a family,” says Lukasz Tracz, who is the co-Founder and co-CEO alongside Sebastian Solano. Other founding members include Scot Garrambone, Chief Financial Officer, David Solano, Chief Sales Officer, and Peter Dimirov, Chief Product Officer. In addition to the founding crew are team members Patryk Tracz, VP of Marketing, and Emir Duru, with the coveted role of Vibes Director. The entrepreneurs hail from the entertainment industry. They are also the founders of a beloved string of EDM events including the  .

The name Jeeter was coined in Florida in 2004 as slang for a joint, says Tracz. The brand launched in California in 2018.  , also founded in California, is the parent company of Jeeter. Alongside its prerolls and infused prerolls, Jeeter produces vapes with oil and live resin. Selling its flower in bud-form is on the horizon.

Today, Jeeter operates on a 4.2-acre campus located in Desert Hot Springs, California. The Jeeter campus is comprised of an 18,000-square-foot facility where the brand manufactures, fulfills, produces, and distributes its product lineup. Jeeter employs 700 people and aims to have almost 1,000 employees within the next few months.

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