How to Find Cheap Cornelius Kegs

How to Find Cheap Cornelius Kegs


If you’ve been into home brewing long, then you’ve no doubt heard of Cornelius kegs.  Cornelius Botox Not only are kegs a convenient and efficient way of storing, dispensing and preserving your home brew, but Cornelius is considered the name to beat when it comes to quality. Bar and restaurant owners everywhere have trusted Cornelius for years and with good reason. They’re made of premium materials and last practically a lifetime. They’re also better at keeping beer fresh and delicious than any other equipment on the market.

However, the price tag attached to a Corny keg is another matter altogether. Home brewers on a budget naturally want to trust their home brew only to a quality item, but they’re naturally in the market for only cheap Cornelius kegs, which can be hard to find unless you know what you’re doing. Consider the following tips when you go searching for cheap Cornelius kegs yourself to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Check eBay or Craigslist

Sometimes you can obtain cheap Cornelius kegs by buying them used. Cornelius makes a good product, so even older kegs are likely to be in good condition. Check popular sites where second-hand items are sold like eBay or Craigslist for cheap Cornelius kegs. If you’re lucky, someone will be looking to unload one of their own. The shipping charges can be a bear though, so see if you can’t find a local one for sale. Then you can save a few dollars by driving to pick it up in person.

Ask around at the local hot spots.

Do you have any friends in the restaurant or bar business that might be willing to sell you cheap Cornelius kegs because they’re getting ready to downsize or upgrade? Let them know you’re looking for some and to keep you in mind. If you’re a regular at any local pubs, you might want to consider asking the bartender or establishment owner about the kegs as well. As mentioned above, Cornelius is pretty much the brand that professional establishments trust, so you’ll be in the right place.


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