I Recovered My WordPress Site From An Internal Server Error, I Thought I Had Lost It All

I Recovered My WordPress Site From An Internal Server Error, I Thought I Had Lost It All


A day or two ago, while I was dealing with my KodeeXII.Net blog, I endured very much an alarm. As I was working in the Admin Paribahis segment of the blog, I out of nowhere gotten an astounding reaction from the server.


I got the feared “Inner Server Error” message. I attempted each and every other URL I can imagine on this site. They all delivered a similar mistake message. I just couldn’t get into my site and furthermore the back end administrator site. All I’m getting is the accompanying:


Interior Server Error

The server experienced an interior blunder or misconfiguration and couldn’t finish your solicitation.


If it’s not too much trouble, contact the server chairman, webmaster[at]mydomain.name.com and illuminate them regarding the time the blunder happened, and anything you have done that might have caused the mistake.


More data concerning this mistake might be accessible in the server blunder log….


I was concerned. Have I quite recently lost everything on the site?


The primary thing I did after that was to go beware of my reinforcements. Would you be able to envision exactly what I found?


I discovered that my reinforcements have quit running since June last year! I have been running without reinforcements for at minimum a large portion of a year!


I was under the suspicion that I have my WordPress Automated Backup running. I’ve loosened and have never browsed my reinforcement email since.. I don’t have any idea when was the if I’m not mistaken on my reinforcements.


Since I can’t depend on my mechanized reinforcement, which was not running though no one can easily explain why. I needed to ensure that I don’t actually require the reinforcement.


I eliminated all my modules. Still can’t get to the site. I eliminated every one of my topics. Same outcome. What else could there be to register other than going down with the data set?


I then, at that point, checked the.htaccess record. I saw that the .htaccess record has got two WordPress arrangement passages. Along these lines, I eliminated one of them and saved the record. Attempted to get to the site once more, and.. Presto! Everything has returned to ordinary. Phewww!


Following is the default WordPress htaccess. This is typically autogenerated for you when you characterize your site’s custom perma interface settings. So on the off chance that yours appear to be unique or don’t have any and everything is working fine and dandy then you are OK.


# Start WordPress

RewriteEngine On


RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}!- f

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}!- d

RewriteRule. /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

Presently, my first errand is to play out a total reinforcement of this site. Then, at that point, I should reconfigure my Automated Backup.


However, i actually think that it is odd. For what reason did the framework really fall flat? Was it truly brought about by the copy WordPress sections in the.htaccess record? Provided that this is true, how did the copy section occurred in the record? Assuming I recalled accurately, all was well. I was dealing with the Post region of the Admin.


Would it be a good idea for me to attempt to reproduce the issue? Maybe, yet unquestionably not currently.

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