Resolving Disability Benefit Issues With Brentwood Social Security Law Attorneys  

Resolving Disability Benefit Issues With Brentwood Social Security Law Attorneys


Brentwood is one of western Los Angeles’ most affluent districts. The place was originally an agricultural district and was popularly known as home of the Pacific branch of the National Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors during 1880s.

Brentwood’s prosperity was stimulated by this veteran’s facility, which subsequently led to property development along its west gate, large parts of it are now known as Pacific Palisades and Bel-air.

Brentwood’s commercial district can be found along the east and west thoroughfares of Wilshire Boulevard, San Vicente Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. The place is largely populated by professionals and executives.

The districts’ population was estimated to be more than 42,000, with a population density of about 2,700 people per square mile. It is about 80 percent white, 9 percent Asian-American and 6 percent Hispanic or Latino. In addition, the district has a significant Iranian community.

Brentwood’s median household income was $84,342 while its median family income was $137,945 and its median per capita income was $75,965 in 1999.

There were just about 22,000 housing units in Brentwood. Most of its residents live in single-family homes, however many mansions and multi-million-dollar estates are also located in the hilly areas north of Sunset. Large, modern apartment complexes and condominiums are located on most of district’s primary and secondary thoroughfares, many of which are home to young professionals and students attending nearby University of California Los Angeles.

Because of its good climate and friendly neighborhood atmosphere, Brentwood can be considered a good place for someone trying to recover from a disability or medical condition. In fact, it has become an ideal place for wounded soldiers and sailors during the 1880’s.

The district’s popular recreational spots include the Brentwood Country Mart, the Brentwood Village, a small shopping district near the intersection of Sunset and Barrington, and more recently, Brentwood Green.



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