Should You Pick Now TV or Sky Q?

 Should You Pick Now TV or Sky Q?


When it comes to signing up for a pay TV provider, you’re not short of options. From the big boys like Sky, Virgin and BT to smaller providers like TalkTalk and  SKY TV streaming services from the likes of Amazon and Netflix, broadening your TV horizons has never been such a complicated choice.

For many, however, the choice will come down to two – Now TV and Sky Q. Though different in name and feature set, the two have a surprising amount in common, which has proven more than enough to confuse customers as to which one is right for them. In this guide, we’re going to share with you the similarities, advantages and disadvantages of each service. Let’s dig in.

What do the services have in common?

The simple answer is Sky. Both services are owned and operated by Sky, which means both services are managed by the Sky contact number and feature Sky channels and services. The fundamental differences exist in pricing and how the services actually work, as well as the number of channels they offer.

Sky Q – Advantages and Disadvantages

Sky Q is the replacement to Sky +, and works in a very similar way. Using a pre-installed satellite dish on your home, Sky Q pulls in the full range of Sky TV channels, like Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and the standard range of premium and free-to-air channels you’d expect from a Sky subscription.

Amongst its advantages, you can count the largest array of channels available in the UK, a huge variety of streaming and on-demand options from both Freeview and premium channels and even 4K programming across sports and entertainment. Indeed, 4K and Full-HD support are both well above what Now TV can offer, which maxes out at 1080p. You’ll also find that Sky Q has a 1TB hard drive installed, for recording your favourite TV programmes and films, as well as support for streaming to tablets and other Sky Q Mini boxes around the house, so you’re never without your TV.

On the downside, it’s significantly more expensive than Now TV – with even the most basic subscription setting you back £22 a month, whilst the Box Sets bundle (without Movies or Sports) costing £38 per month, on a mandatory 24-month contract.

Now TV – Advantages and Disadvantages



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