Taking Good Photographs at Mid-Day

Taking Good Photographs at Mid-Day


Shooting in Shade

It is not necessary to shoot directly in sunlight, find some shade nearby. Maybe, there are book a photographer near me  some trees, a shack or a nearby restaurant, that will provide some shade. Irrespective of whom you are shooting, they will be more comfortable in shade, out of the sun glare and in lower temperatures.

You will have to keep in mind the direction from which the sunlight is falling on your subjects, are there excessive shadows below the eyes? Is the area under the chin completely dark? Feel free to use either the in-built flash or dedicated external flash unit mounted on the hot-show of the camera.

Another trick is to use reflectors to reflect the sunlight to shadow area. Use can use white cloth, plastic sheet or thermocol sheets. Irrespective of your choice, the aim is to avoid dark shadows on subjects face.

Extra care must be taken when shooting below trees. With wind continuously shaking and moving the branches, the sun light that falls on your subjects will keen on varying. In case, you are looking to achieve an artistic look, the subjects will invariably have checkered light formations on them.

Using Diffusers

When you are engaged in professional photography, it will be value for money, if you invest in a set of diffusers. Diffusers, as the name implies, diffuse the sunlight, so that there are no harsh shadows on the model or subject. Depending on your project requirements and budgets, you have today a wide range of commercially available diffusers in the market.

If you are a start-up or amateur photographer, you can always experiment with home-made diffusers. You can easily make diffuser by stitching a pure white cloth or bed sheet over a metal or wooden frame. You will of course, require assistance of some friend to hold the diffuser between the sun and your subject.


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