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Tekla Structural Designer Service Pack 4 | PDF | Deep Foundation | Beam (Structure)

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Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Explore Documents. Tekla Structural Designer Service Pack 4. Uploaded by akankwasa. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Head Code EC Steel Design – Westok Cellbeams – Auto-design – efficiency improvements have made the auto-design process several times faster which can significantly reduced the total design time Head Code US Composite Beam Design – Auto-design – in some circumstance the stud auto-layout process could fail causing the design process to be terminated.

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In the software environment, it is possible to analyze the model created with the help of the STAAD program. Obviously, even the best designers in the two-dimensional space business in CAD systems are always faced with executive problems, let alone industrial works such as refineries that deal with different departments such as plumbing, equipment, electricity and tools. Faces parallel to the structural part. For example, the support of the plumbing section, the possibility of placement of equipment, and the possibility of the passage of cable trays … In a 3D-dimensional review, it is solved accurately and without problems with the implementation of these issues.

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Tekla structures 2017 pdf free


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Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 37, Pages: The setup consists of an environment, role, and configuration.

It defines which profiles, material grades, default values, connections, wizards, variables, reports, and templates you have available. The user interface has been customized for each role. Each configuration is meant for a specific user group, to suit the various players in the construction industry. Start Tekla Structures by selecting it from the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop icon. Select an environment.

If you cannot find the desired environment from the list, see Adding an environment to Tekla Structures. You can also select Blank project page 11 to create a model that contains generic content, such as parametric profiles.

Select a role. The availability of roles depends on your environment, but typically the following roles are available: 4. The configuration you are using may not contain all the features described in the Tekla Structures product guides. For more information on Start Tekla Structures 10 the features available in each configuration, see Tekla Structures configurations. Click OK. The Welcome page appears. See also Check or change your Tekla Structures setup page 12 1.

It can be used for gathering region-, company-, or project-specific settings, tools, and information. The blank project is always included in the Tekla Structures installation. Start Tekla Structures 11 What is a blank project Download and install content You can use Tekla Warehouse to download and install content to the blank project.

For example, you can download profiles, material grades, bolts, reinforcement, components, applications, and templates from Tekla Warehouse across all environment- and manufacturer-specific collections, and make combinations that suit your needs. You can download and install content from Tekla Warehouse both before and during a project. Before starting a project, you can install content to your project and firm folders.

During a project, you can install content to the model folder. On the File menu, click Settings and scroll down to the License area. Change the setup if needed. You may be required to restart Tekla Structures after the changes. The model contains all the information that is needed to manufacture and construct the structure: part geometry and dimensions, profiles, materials, connection types, and so on.

This ensures that the information in drawings and reports is always up to date, as they react to modifications in the model. Collaboration You can use the multi-user mode or Tekla Model Sharing to work collaboratively within a model.

Open, create, and save 3D models 14 Check or change your Tekla Structures setup 2. If you open a model and already have one open, Tekla Structures prompts you to save the first model. On the File menu, click Open. Select the model you want to open.

For example, when you type N, Tekla Structures selects the first model starting with an N. Open, create, and save 3D models 15 Open a model 3. Click Open. If no views page 52 are visible in the model, Tekla Structures prompts you to select one. See also Create a new model page 16 Create a thumbnail image of a model page 16 2. Each model is stored in its own folder under the TeklaStructuresModels folder.

On the File menu, click New. In the Name box, enter a name for the new model. We recommend that you try to decide on a permanent name at this point. The name of the model can be changed afterwards, but it involves changing several file names. Define where to save the new model. By default, the model is saved in the TeklaStructuresModels folder that was created during installation.

You can change the default folder by clicking Browse. You can also select a recently used folder from the Save in list. If you want to use a model template page 19 , select one.

Under Type, define whether to run Tekla Structures in single-user or multi-user mode. Enter the name of the server in the Server box. Click Create. Tekla Structures creates the model and opens the default model view page The contents of the model view may differ based on the model template you chose in step 4.

See also Create a thumbnail image of a model page 16 Edit project properties page 17 Open, create, and save 3D models 16 Create a new model 2. The thumbnail image is displayed when you browse for existing models. On the View tab, click 2. Select a view. Tekla Structures creates the image and saves it in the model folder with the name thumbnail.

To check the thumbnail, go to the File menu, click Open, and select the model you created the thumbnail for. The image is now displayed next to the model name. For example: 4. If you are unhappy with the thumbnail image, you can repeat steps 1—2 as many times as you need. For example, you can zoom the model page 28 in and out to adjust what is shown in the thumbnail image. When you create a new thumbnail, Tekla Structures overrides the existing thumbnail image with the new one.

TIP Alternatively, if you want to use a custom image, you can add the image directly to the model folder with the name thumbnail. The preferred size of the image is x 74 pixels. Update the project properties at the beginning of each Open, create, and save 3D models 17 Edit project properties project to make reports and drawings display the correct information automatically. All of the fields are optional. On the File menu, click Project properties.

Click 3. In the Description box, enter a description that helps you identify the model when you next need to open it. The description appears in the Open dialog box when you open a model.

Edit the other project properties. To define project-specific user-defined attributes, click User-defined attributes. Click Apply to save your changes. Now you will get updated project properties in drawings and reports. If you want to save these properties as the default properties for this project: a.

Go to Quick Launch page Start typing save defaults. Select the Save Defaults command from the list. For more information on saving default properties, see Standard files. Displaying project information in templates and reports The fields in the image below refer to template attributes, which you can use when designing your own reports and templates.

To display project information, add the corresponding template attributes in the templates and reports. This can be especially useful for sub-contractors. Open, create, and save 3D models 19 Create model templates Only single-user models can be created with model templates.

If you wish to create a multi-user model using a model template, create the model in singleuser mode and then switch to multi-user mode. By default, the model template folder is saved in your environment folder.

Create a new model template You can create your own model templates and use them for creating new models. You can select which catalogs, custom components, model subfolders, drawing templates, and report templates from the model are included in the model template. Create a new model page Always start by creating a new empty model. This is because old models that have been used in live projects cannot be completely cleaned.

They may contain excess information that increases the size of the model even if you delete all objects and drawings from the model. Add the desired part properties, drawing properties, profiles, materials, custom components, sketches, and so on, in the model. You can copy the needed attribute files from another model, for example.


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