The Search for Secure Anonymous Proxies  

The Search for Secure Anonymous Proxies


There’s no accurate definition of what comprises secure anonymous proxies or actually a place where you can find them for   free. But there are some universal things to look out for if you’re looking for such proxy servers.

A critical point to be kept in mind is that simply by adding a tag to the security description of any proxy server actually has no effect on how secure that particular server actually is.

There’s a common substitute server that runs anonymously. This is a lot better since the account has no particular privileges which might turn out to be risky for the server. But it is also not an appropriate configuration for any high unspecified proxy. The cause for this is that the proxy account would still have a few read and write privileges over directories and public areas. It would also have few rights over all the logs which have been created in the anonymous context meaning that all possible users of the proxy have a kind of access to all proxy files and logs created by an anonymous user.

The safest alternative is what is expected to be found on any highly anonymous proxy which means that each user has a definite user ID for using the server. This user account must have no other admission rights at all. This protects the anonymity, security of ev


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