The Ubuntu Philosophy

The Ubuntu Philosophy
I am because you are.
One of the most significant philosophies we get from the African cultures is built on humanistic
ideas, deeds, and bonding with others.
Ubuntu philosophy is an idea wherein your interactions with others form your concept of
identity. It’s a way of life based on the notion  that whatever “I am” only exists because of “we
While the concept was first introduced many years ago, its spirit is still found in many African
Humanity Towards Others
Ubuntu is a word that comes from the Zulu and Xhola languages, which translates to humanity
towards others.
The philosophy includes many traits that maintain peace and a spirit of sharing among the
members of a community. The traditional belief is appreciated and acts as a constant reminder
that the actions of an individual today will reflect their past and have more significant
consequences in the future.
Hence, why gracefulness, helpfulness, sharing, caring, trust, and selflessness are such common
traits among the community’s individuals. They understand their place in the universe, how
they represent their people, and where they come from; therefore, they maintain their
behavior according to the highest standards and adopt noble social traits.
Ubuntu philosophy focuses on the growth of a community as a whole which is why it continues
to be the standing foundation of many South African communities.

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