Ultimate WAR Online Manly Tome Tactic Guide – Warhammer Leveling & Strategy Guides

 Ultimate WAR Online Manly Tome Tactic Guide – Warhammer Leveling & Strategy Guides


Tactics and its different types are proven to be very useful to Warhammer online player since it protects the player against its opponent. The different tome strategies closetome.place  are found along the record in the TOK’s.

These proven to be effective to an online player with the specified monster type.

Manly Tactic guides are enumerated as follows:


Allows users to approach his enemy which could be a human monster, an elf, or a dwarf within 50% closer proximity prior to plan of attack of the nemesis.


Gamer gets to be within 50% closer distance to an opponent such as a human m’s, elves, or midgets and a 10% less cost for abilities and skills used against their type.


Permits them to gain an instant 50% higher and greater experience out of their finished competitors. Aside from this, they could be their in close distance up to 50% close range.

How to unlock these Manly Tome tactics? The principle is each 2 unlocks a single tactic.

  1. Kill Lodwig Falkenheim-

the target is located at Ostland at 56 and 24k along level 17

  1. Captiain Erginsson and Flintbeard for the Order-

They should be met and talked with and may also have the need to socialize with the initial mate on the ship.They are from the Barak Varr, specifically in the Iron clan.

  1. Sea Anvil Slayers should get killed-



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