Will Ubuntu Unity Be the End or the Start of a New Ubuntu?  

Will Ubuntu Unity Be the End or the Start of a New Ubuntu?


If you have installed or upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04, the first thing you would have noticed that Gnome is gone and replaced by Ubuntu Unity. Did you feel cheated? Did  https://ubuntu3.com/   you like it better than Gnome? Do you think it’s the end of the Ubuntu success story or the start of new Ubuntu Glory? In this article, I will try to shed some light on this and leave the decision to you.

At first and before I start, I want to be fair to Ubuntu. Ubuntu has given to the Linux Desktop in the past few years more than any other Distro out there. In fact without Ubuntu I might have failed to switch to Linux. It has always given a great interface and ease of use that I have never seen it being matched by any other Distro. Another thing that has always contributed to Ubuntu popularity is its Hardware Drivers compatibility. Further, Ubuntu has taken all the hard work of including propriety drivers ready for its users at a click of a mouse. I believe not giving them a chance at the first turn they do is kind of unfair, but at the end users will look at their needs before looking at what Ubuntu has offered them.

When I started Ubuntu Natty Narwhal for the first time, I was shocked by the amount of changes in the interface it had. It took me about two weeks to get used to where is everything is. Further, the new Unity interface is less reliable and has much more glitches than Ubuntu earlier Gnome interface. Below are few things I believe Gnome has been better at than Unity and hope Ubuntu will fix them in the near future.

Coming back from suspend or hibernate you always has the chance where the mouse disappear or the Unity GUI does not function as expected and you will get to use Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace to restart the GUI before you can make a use of your session. I am glad in Linux that we can restart the GUI without havin to restart the full OS unlike other OSs out there. This bug to be honest has been the most annoying one to me.The next bad bug was not being able to use update manager where the following error come up “Ubuntu 11.04 Update Manager Could not   Could not initialize the package information Article. At least this one was resolved quickly, but I am hoping Ubuntu look into these things a bit more carefully in the future as they have always did.

Another limitation is that I feel the interface was much more customizable with Gnome than the new Unity. It take a bit more work to access the system tools & Servers remote connections tools among other with the Unity interface than with earlier Gnome interface utilized by the latest Ubuntu. Further with the new Unity you have no option to switch between different Windows Managers as it has been the case with Ubuntu before Natty Narwhal. That means if you don’t like Unity, you will have to use another Distro. I believe this was a quite risky decision for Ubuntu, as many people who did not like the new Unity are switching to other Distros and it will take Ubuntu team a large effort to get these people to switch back and gain their trust all over again.


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